UNITE CONFERENCE 2018 – Code of Conduct

All present at the UNITE Conference in whatever capacity are required to act consistently with the teachings of the Catholic Church and to abide by the Conference Code of Conduct.

Conference Code of Conduct

  • Participate fully and cooperatively in activities
  • Pay attention to and follow instructions given to me by Conference Team members and Supervising Adults
  • If I am of the ‘Under 18’ Stream, make sure a Supervising Adult knows my whereabouts at all times
  • Uphold my personal dignity through my language, dress, actions, behaviour and relationships
  • Uphold the dignity of all people, regardless of age, gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, and physical and mental abilities.
  • Refrain from inappropriate sexual conduct including harassment
  • Treat property (including venues and personal property) with respect
  • Not consume or distribute alcohol, tobacco, illegal drugs or pornography during UNITE
  • Tell a Conference Team member or a Supervising Adult about anything that makes me, or other participants feel worried, afraid or unsafe.

I understand that if I fail to agree to and abide by this Code of Conduct, any or all of the following consequences may result:

  • Reporting of my misconduct to local statutory authorities, if the breach in any way violates local ordinances or laws
  • Dismissal from and escorted from the UNITE venue
  • Reporting of the incident and actions taken by Festival Team to my parish/school/ organisational leader
  • Banned from involvement in future UNITE Conferences.